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We share our collection of ready-to-use templates, spreadsheets and tools designed to streamline your projects, speed up processes and organize ideas
Phoenix LiveView: The Big Picture" course

Phoenix LiveView offers an innovative approach to web application development, allowing your team to build interactive and dynamic interfaces with less complexity and more efficiency. With LiveView, you can reduce development time, improve code maintenance and offer an exceptional user experience, all while maintaining the application logic on the server side.

Enroll now in the"Phoenix LiveView: The Big Picture" course and take your team's efficiency to the next level!

OKRs - Goal planning

Simplified and strategic management methodology.

Automated testing with React Native and Detox

In this video, we teach you in 15 seconds how to run automated tests in React Native using Detox.

TS Template

TypeScript template made and used by our team.

React Native Zendesk

React Native Bridge for Zendesk Support SDK on iOS and Android.

Idopter Labs React Native Template

This template contains libraries and design patterns that we adopt in React Native applications at Idopter Labs.

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