Find out how agency owners are transforming their social media marketing business and how Idopter Labs worked with UpHex™ to make this transformation happen

Product Discovery, Product Design
Idopter Labs has been an essential partner for UpHex as we have grown the company. Essentially, they act as an outsourced CTO for the company. They have done a great job of collecting user feedback and then implementing that feedback into features that have expanded our functionality and attracted new users to the platform. We have big plans for UpHex and Idopter Labs will be with us as we continue to grow and expand our functionalities. One of the big features to come is Google Ads. We plan to make Google Ads as easy as we made Facebook Ads, opening up a whole new area and potential client base for agencies that run campaigns on Google Ads.

UpHex is a global platform, with clients in several countries, which makes it possible to manage digital ads in an integrated way, turning an advertising agency into a profitable SaaS (Software as a Service). It allows campaigns from different clients to be managed efficiently and intuitively, without the need to work directly with FB Ads Manager.

With just a few clicks, you can launch optimized campaigns from templates created by a team of experts. In addition to an extensive template library, it is also possible to create new templates according to each client's needs. Once launched, campaign performance can be monitored via a dashboard and adjusted according to the results.

The challenge

Lack of technical expertise for software development and the implementation of different business strategies.

The solution

Idopter Labs set up a specialized team to develop UpHex's solutions and as challenges arose, other Idopter professionals were involved, sometimes on a one-off basis, such as the need for more developers and the structuring of the product's design, where the team was complemented by a designer and front-end, always meeting needs on demand.

In this way, UpHex has always been provided with a tailor-made service, maximizing its results and at a cost in line with the business's growth objectives.

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