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Product Discovery, Squad as a Service
We are very grateful to Idopter Labs for their partnership throughout the development of our projects, always aligned with our goals as a business, involved in the decisions and strategies. This commitment has brought us excellent results.

Terras App Solutions is a company that aims to develop innovative applications for rural property management, socio-environmental risk monitoring and the traceability of agricultural, timber and non-timber forest products. Terras' mission is to create sustainable solutions for the countryside.

The challenge

Terras had a very promising product to develop, but they needed a partner to share the work fronts and increase the production capacity of their team and the speed with which the product would be built and launched on the market. Having to hire, train and prepare more people for the project could take a long time and compromise Terras' strategy.

The solution

Idopter Labs put together a team tailored to the needs of the project and in accordance with the strategy aligned with Terras. The product in its first version was executed and put into production in less than 3 months.

Idopter Labs values having clients who see us as a long-term partner, who know they can count on us in their journey. With Terras, we have a very close relationship that began in 2020 and has resulted in more than one project planned and developed together in that time. Idopter Labs has specialized over the years to be the ideal partner for companies looking to keep up with the increasingly rapid changes in the market and who want to make a difference through technology. We take the "I adopt" philosophy very seriously. We really do adopt the customer's problem as our problem.

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