We developed the solution PM3 needed to grow safely.

Product Discovery, Squad as a Service.
Idopter Labs is a very important partner for PM3. We've been working with Idopter for a few years now to improve our checkout process more and more. We are very happy with the results, very happy with the delivery and also happy with the service.

PM3 is a reference school in digital business and products that connects more than 25,000 students through courses, live activities and in-depth content. It is the largest digital Business and Product community in Brazil and is also the organizer of Product Camp, the largest Product Management event in Latin America.

The challenge

PM3 has never had an in-house software development team and, for many years, the entire operation was carried out through various interconnected systems with no-code solutions. In 2021, the payment system - checkout - increased in volume enough to become a problem for the company's organization and growth.

PM3 then needed a solution that was aligned with their objectives and that solved a problem that was becoming critical. However, there was no time to hire, set up a development team, organize processes and choose technologies to develop the solution.

They needed all this ready while they focused on developing a new solution for PM3's course purchasing flow.

The solution

Idopter Labs' Discovery service carried out the initial analysis and aligned the strategy needed to achieve the goal in an agile manner. Under the Squad As a Service contracting model, Idopter Labs guaranteed a complete team for the development of the new checkout. In just two months we were validating the first version of the checkout, so that the following month the product was already an integral part of the payment flow for all PM3 courses.

A solution tailored to the needs of the business, aligned strategically and in a timely manner with the client. The integration between the Idopter Labs and PM3 teams is very good and has enabled us to evolve the payment solution - checkout - with new functionalities, payment models, integrations, as well as marketing demands, among others.

The initial solution solved the critical problem and then we worked on the natural developments of every product aimed at further improving the day-to-day operation and, above all, collecting valuable information for decision-making and defining new strategies for the business.

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